Newborn Gift Set Cosy Cable - Dark Grey

  • $109.00

The iCandy Newborn Gift Set is a perfect combination of superb quality and gorgeous design, using wonderfully soft materials for your little one, making it the ideal present for all new parents. This beautiful gift set is an ideal addition for the pram, keeping your baby entertained and calm, while providing that all important comfort.

With the iCandy Newborn Gift Set, you are getting six accessories in cosy, neutral light grey shades; the iCandy toy, iCandy fruit clip to attach the toy to the pram, a satin ribbon which doubles up as a tape measure, the supreme Prima cotton top-knot hat and matching, snug mittens and boots.

Magnificently presented, the iCandy Newborn Gift Set is stored in an exquisite small suitcase which can also be used as keepsake box for all those memories of your newborn, complete with a box to fill in your baby's name. With intricate iCandy branding stitching details, the accessories are great for baby having fun, but are also practical too.

The iCandy soft toy is a rattle for your little one to play with, which encourages imaginative play and interaction with the parent and provides entertainment with the sound of the rattle. The iCandy Fruit Clip keeps the toy fastened to the pram which will keep the toy from becoming lost. Made from luxuriously soft cotton knit and a luxury Pima Cotton lining finishing, the hat, mittens and boots ensure your little one is cosy and comfortable all through the year, in beautiful, natural shades.

  • Snug luxury Pima Cotton lining on the top-knot hat, mittens and boots for extra comfort for your baby
  • The iCandy soft toy encourages interactivity and imagination
  • The iCandy Fruit Clip avoids loss of the toy through attachment to the pram
  • Comes in exquisite small suitcase, which doubles up as a keepsake box for storing those memories of your baby
  • The satin ribbon can be used to keep track of baby’s measurements as it is also a tape measure
  • Ideal as a baby shower gift